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UNDP’s Helen Clark orders sweeping changes following Bidco probe


Helen Clark, the Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has ordered far-reaching changes to how the organisation partners with private sector companies. The move follows the UNDP’s internal investigation into its relationship with Kenya-based Bidco Africa, a company criticised for human rights and environmental violations. Read More…

More Protests at Bidco


New footage has come through detailing the protest and strike at Bidco factories in Uganda. The protestors state:

  • “We’ve operated the machines for 7yrs now, but when we ask for a pay rise they tell us we’re unskilled.”
  • “We’ve no protective gear, the boots are all torn.”
  • “We weren’t given appointment letters yet we’ve been working for 7yrs.”
  • “They’re now sending us away, but we won’t leave just like that.”

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UNDP to Investigate Rights Violations at BIDCO

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The United Nations development program has deployed a team of experts to Kalangala district to investigate allegations of human rights violation by BIDCO Palm Oil Company. This follows the farmers’ petition to UNDP in November 2015 upon learning that the oil firm had been requisitioning for money from the UNDP for expositions. Now the investigative team says money will not be advanced till further notice.