Who We Are

Stand United

Fighting against the injustice of Bidco Africa

The Bidco Truth Coalition is an amalgamation of disparate groups, unions and NGO’s that have come together through one common experience; having been on the receiving end of injustice by Bidco Africa.


The National Association of Professional Environmentalists serves as an important actor that gives voice to marginalized communities and the environment of Uganda. They influence national policies and resource allocation decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions.

National Association of Professional Environmentalists

Citizens for Tax

Citizens For Tax Compliance was set up with the belief that knowledge of the Kenyan tax environment is of utmost importance to ensure compliance with the tax laws and regulations. They are well practised in informing on and holding public and private individuals and their companies to account on matters of taxation with Kenya.

Citizens For Tax Compliance

Citizens For Tax

Bugala District Farmers Association

The Bugala District Farmers Association is a relatively new organisation. Their collective experience within the Sese islands is undisputed. The fact based approach to campaigning for the betterment of all farmers within the district has lead them to be heavily involved in the campaign for farmers rights against Bidco Africa.

Bugala District Farmers Association

Association of Non-aligned Bidco Labourers

The Association of Non-aligned Bidco Labourers was borne out of the need to ensure representation within Bidco Africa offices. The organization has large membership from Bidco Kenya and Uganda workers with affiliation to past contract and permanent employees.

The Association of Non-aligned Bidco Labourers

African Conservation Foundation


The African Conservation Foundation works to preserve Africa’s wildlife by conducting, supporting and linking conservation projects throughout the continent. We build local capacity for long term sustainability of conservation projects.

The African Conservation Foundation

The World Rainforest Movement

 logo wrm hd

The World Rainforest Movement (WRM) is an initiative set up in 1986 by a group of activists from different countries to facilitate, support and reinforce the struggle against deforestation and land grabbing in countries with forests and forest-dependent communities.

The World Rainforest Movement



Rendeavour is an urban land developer in Sub-Saharan Africa that has been the victim of fraud by Bidco Chairman Vimal Shah.


The Bidco Truth Coalition